Test Kit for Cocaine Cuts

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This pack contains a single-use testing kit that can help indicate popular adulterants for powder cocaine –  including Levamisole, Phenacetin and Ephedrine.

There are huge variations in the cutting agents used to bulk out cocaine – they are virtually impossible to tell by eye and can have a number of detrimental effects. 

This 30 second test will react with many common adulterants and could be used in conjunction with the Cocaine Purity test for a more comprehensive powder analysis.

This can help inspire better decisions regarding a powder’s contents and hopefully assist with a more pleasurable experience.


Each kit contains a glass ampoule – inside will be a chemical reagent absorbed in silica gel.

You will also find an information sheet, instructions, and colour chart. This chart will help you identify your substance’s possible purity.

Add a small sample of your substance to the chemical inside the ampoule. A colour change will occur if a reaction takes place.

Compare the colour to the chart included on the instructions within the package. This will indicate the sample's purity.

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Please note: PR does not advocate the use or sale of illegal drugs. Our single-use chemical reagents kits should only be used as a guide and only for research purposes. For more comprehensive scrutiny,  please send your substance for lab analysis to WEDINOS, DrugsData or Energy Control International.